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Kangen Water Philippines
Healthy and environmentally friendly. Kangen Water is Davao’s latest innovation to a healthier, cleaner and more beneficial water consumption.

Healthier Lifestyle

  • Filters Water Straight from the Faucet
  • Produces Ionized Alkaline and Acidic Water
  • Used for Health and Beauty Reasons
  • Proven Safer than Tap and Mineral Water
  • A Wise, Long-term Investment
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What our customers are saying...

“We have been drinking alkaline water for months now and I’m just really happy about it. We did it because of my grandmother and as of the moment, she hasn’t experience any complications with her health. Now even our 2-year old baby drinks it.”

Paula Valdez
Ma-a, Davao City

“I am really happy with this long-term investment. Drinking Kangen water gave our family the privilege of clean and healthy water. It definitely tastes better than our old purified water and I can easily tell the difference! I'm never going back to my old water again.”

Jamilla Mendoza
Lanang, Davao City

“Kangen Water is a good investment especially if you value health and wellness. My parents installed the water system in our house and we’re just happy with the results. We can easily compare it to our water connection. Plus, my mom loves the acidic water for her skin.”

James Andrada
Matina, Davao

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